So... you want to develop, eh?

This whole project is meant to be very open-ended. So if you would like to make some fancy program, that calculates some strange statistics, then we will gladly let it run on the server.

GNU gcc and g++ version 2.7.2 are installed as part of the RedHat Linux distribution, but you are free to use whatever language you want to.

We have also installed some other useful tools:

The coke-server keeps log files of all activity, as well as a current status file. The format of these logfiles is descibed in the specification of the coke-server.

Martin has written a small program that converts the timestamp in the logfile to a human-readable date. It's here.

If you have an idea, or any questions, you can mail to:

In progress...

This list is intended to show what projects, people are working on at the moment. This way you can check wether someone else has already made the program, you are planning to make

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